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Mindstrong practitioners regard their practice rooms as not just a clinic, but a mindgym. That is, we believe that just as we go to the gym to pro-actively strengthen our body, we should also seek to strengthen our mind to be able to:

  • better deal with stressors
  • condition our mind and psyche
  • build further resilience
  • recover quicker after onset of illness
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CTP - Insurance

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident or injury can be very stressful, and can be a cause for a various psychological issues, eg phobia, anxiety, depression.

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Psychological Reports

There are a variety of reports that we can assist you with, including:

  • Forensic report required for Court and/or your lawyer
  • Psychological summary reports
  • Reports required for your doctor, workplace, other organisations
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We have WorkCover / SIRA accredited psychologists that can assist clients in their recovery to go back to work in a timely manner.